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Pocket Ergo is an internet based ergonomic assessment software application containing 12 tools. It is useful for assessing and quantifying ergonomic risk in assembly lines, refineries, warehouses, offices, etc. The various assessment tools provide results that can help focus attention on higher risk activities and recommendations that can assist with developing corrective actions. All tools offer background information, instructions, definitions, and references. Results are savable and can be exported (XML format) for automatic inclusion in custom reports. Pocket Ergo can be used concurrently by numerous users in your organization. Help manage your ergonomics program more effectively with Pocket Ergo.

Pocket Ergo Assessment Tools

   Hazard Control Methodologies
   Anthropometry (Standing and Seated)
   Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation (1994)
   Push Force Calculator (Snook)
   Pull Force Calculator (Snook)
   Carry Force Calculator (Snook)
* Utah Back Compressive Force Model
   RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment)
* REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment)
* Strain Index (SI)
* Grip and Pinch Strength
   Material Handling Checklists
* Computer Workstation Quick Configure Tool
   Office Assessment Checklists

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An instruction section exists within each assessment tool. Basic familiarity with the various assessment tools is assumed. Comprehensive information can be obtained through the reference books and articles listed within each tool.

When using the tools, all results can be saved as unique file names and can be exported to word processing programs (MS Word or other programs) as text files. Results can be exported in an XML format for automatic inclusion in custom reports. Email to us for more information.

System Requirements:

- No software installation necessary, works on any computer
- Internet Explorer or Firebox browser
- Internet service

The Internet version of Pocket Ergo works interchangeably with the handheld (Pocket PC) version of Pocket Ergo. Use the handheld version for maximum mobility in your assessment environment.


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If you have a question about Pocket Ergo, Please email to The Human Solution support at :